east to west

east to west is a UK based business bursting with imaginative ideas for Personalised Embroidery for Weddings, White Table Events, Festive Boards, Dinner Nights & School Proms.
east to west specialises in personalised embroidery and has a wide range of embroidery patterns for Napkins and  Handkerchiefs . All our embroidery is made up in house, so whether you require a single Gentlemen’s or Ladies Handkerchief as a special gift or several hundred Embroidered Napkins for your dinner night, wedding or as a party favour, east to west will be there to help you
Metallic Table Confetti/Sprinkles : The inspiration for creating personalised table confetti came about whilst attending a function and thinking about the corporate possibilities of Metallic Confetti being used to bring both sparkle to the table decoration as well as carry a company, organisation or club logo. east to west has already begun supplying retail outlets world wide as well as groups, associations and individuals

Whatever the occasion personalised embroidery will make the day

Challenge Coins & Masonic Lapel Pins
We are always pleased to hear from you so please contact us at:
+44 (0)161 798 9145
  1. Masonic Confetti
    Masonic Confetti comes in a 14gram bag and will add an extra touch of sparkle to all your lodge events
  2. Handkerchiefs
    An embroidered hanky makes a lovely personal gift to the one you love.
  3. Embroidered Napkins
    An Embroidered Napkin is the perfect way to enhance your dinning table whether it is a wedding, Birthday or White Table event.
  1. Michael
    Owner, Designer and chief slave to the embroidery machines.